How big is your carbon footprint? We like to keep ours small by using local providers. That means that our chocolate is provided by Guittard Chocolate in Burlingame and our coffee is roasted by the folks at McLaughlin Coffee in Emeryville. Even our flour is California-grown and milled byGiusto’s in South San Francisco. Award-winning, family-owned Clover Stornetta Dairy in Petaluma sources our dairy from cows that are sustainably and humanely raised on the green pastures of the North Coast. Whatever produce we use is local and seasonal. Using local providers means our ingredients aren’t shipped halfway across the country, it also means that every time you buy one of our cupcakes, your money goes towards Bay Area businesses and the local economy.


Waste not, want not. That’s what you’ll get at Republic of Cake. Real simple, and really good. We’re talking about cupcakes baked from scratch with real butter, sugar, and eggs, not syrups and emulsifiers with names you can’t pronounce. We prefer to spend money on good, natural ingredients rather than fancy-schmancy decor or packaging. That’s how we keep our cupcakes affordable, and that’s why for small orders, we will put them in a bag; bags create less waste. We strive to be conscientious in what we do and what we use. However, if you would like to have a box for your goodies, we can offer you one. We’re eco-friendly, not silly.


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Republic of Cake
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