Passionate about baking since she was just nine years old, Lindsay Pirkle, new manager and co-owner of Republic of Cake is thrilled to fulfill her lifelong dream to own a bakery. From an early age, Lindsay took to the kitchen like a bee to honey; “I love working in a kitchen with the aroma of fresh treats, the gleam of sparkling clean surfaces, and the sound of a whirring mixer. It’s my favorite place to be!”

Born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay, Lindsay has a bachelor’s degree in Employee Relations from San Francisco State University, and has worked with local and national chefs throughout her many years at Ingredients Cooking School in Danville.

Her good friends and mentors, Chih-Chung Fang and Peter McNiff, founders of Republic of Cake, have trained Lindsay in the operation of their beloved bakery. She is committed to continuing the excellence they have delivered for the past seven years.





We are happy to provide a non-profit discount. We require 1 week notice for all non-profit orders. Please call or email Lindsay@republicofcake.com to discuss!

Why Cupcakes?

Why cupcakes? Let’s see…. Plates? Nope. Forks? Nada. Sharing? I don’t think so. Perfect little bites of deliciousness in all your favorite flavors? Now you’re talking. We love cupcakes, just love them. And what could be better than spending all day baking delicious cupcakes? Seeing the smile on your face when you eat one!